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About APG

  • Q. What the heck is AltPlayGround?

    AltPlayGround, or APG as our friends call us, is a quirky, slightly irreverant website for people in the swinging lifestyle. Actually, we're probably the most bad ass lifestyle website you'll run across on the interweb, according to all our friends. At least two of them.

  • Q. So, what have you got that other sites don't?

    We've got everything other sites have, it's what we DON'T have that sets us apart. APG doesn't have all the fake profiles that other sites have. We have real people. Real people having real fun. Lots of fun.

  • Q. I find out about lifestyle parties on my own, why do I need you?

    But what about the parties you don't hear about? APG has it all. We know what's going on and who is going to be there. From the biggest events to the smallest little gatherings, you can find them all in one convenient place. You know those 15 groups you belong to on Facebook and have trouble keeping track of? They're all on here. And they're naked.

  • Q. Can I list my group with you?

    Of course you can! APG has clubs and groups and we work with them constantly to throw parties and event and to grow the lifestyle. Contact us if you want to get your group or club listed on APG.

  • Q. Where is APG based out of?

    APG is primarily based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country but we are spreading out to other areas of the country.

  • Q. If you're so great, why haven't I heard of you?

    Remember what happened to your favorite cool bar when they got written up in the paper as the hot spot to be? Yeah. that's why.

    We value privacy. Your Privacy. And we're not about to put your privacy at risk by getting out in front of the public just because we could make a few more bucks. APG is the best kept secret on the interweb, and we like it that way. Just give us a try and if you like us please tell nine friends, two strangers and one person you don't like all that much about APG.



See what our members say about APG

  • The functionality is great and the navigation perfectly evolved. Finally, the design is clean, current and attractive. I have a whole digital department that works for me and I'm certain you'd get great marks from them --- except that I can't really show them!
    Trenton, NJ Couple
  • We love APG, it's so easy to use and we love all the parties to choose from.
    Raleigh, NC Couple
  • Nobody does a swinger site like APG. I wouldn't be anywhere else.
    Baltimore, MD Single Female
  • So nice to not have to wade through all the fake profiles and crap like on other sites with free memberships!
    Philadelphia, PA Couple
  • We were stuck on another site and we're so glad we found out about APG.
    Richmond, VA Couple
  • Love the fact that it works just the same from desktop to our phones, we can connect anywhere.
    Washington, DC Couple


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