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    Broke Girl Sex Therapy with Stefanie Maegan

    Podcaster Stefanie Maegan!
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    Pendulum XXX

    Dive into the sensuous depths of By the Bi, as Bradford and Angela unravel the steamy details of their recent Pendulum Party. This episode beckons you into the enticing world of pleasure, where the sw...
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    Sexcapades VIII Resurrected

    Join us for a tantalizing episode of By the Bi, where your hosts Bradford and Angela ignite your imagination with tales of recent romantic adventures. From the allure of solo dates to the heat of pass...
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    To Post Or Not To Post That Is The Question

    Episode 154 - To post or not to post that is the question - In this episode of Kinky Frame of Mind Don and Syn talk about all the things going on. They make the announcement about going to Podcast-A-P...
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    Whatever Happened To The 2HotWives?

    Did the 2HotWives break up? Did they get divorced? Maybe they set sail on the Bliss cruise and never returned??? The Wives are back to bring you an update on what's been happening in their lives ...
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    Bree is a queer, polyamorous, Chicana in her mid-thirties who is also a mother of two toddlers and has been married about a decade. Oh! And, she also has a boyfriend of almost two years. She's had a n...
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    Life Update, Another Parking Lot Play Date, And Why Adam Doesn't Play Much

    In this episode, we give a life update before we talk about recent Kelley's play date and why Adam doesn't play that much. Also, don’t forget to join us at PodBash!!!!!
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    Michael Garofalo Interview

    Mango Mike realized life is short, decided to move 3,000 miles across the country to chase adventure. Since then he’s lived in a van for 5 years, quit a very established career as an electrician, and ...
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    Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

    Welcomei to Episode 45 of the Swinging Flamingos Podcast. In this episode we get into some uniqure discussions(even for us). We start off talking about some fun dates we have been enjoying, as well...
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    Nicholas Catton Interview

    Nicholas is a creativity and emotional expression coach exploring the world of ethical non-monogamy. If you get value out of the Loving Without Boundaries podcast, then consider becoming one of our...
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    A Chat With Tristan Taormino

    Prepare for a fascinating journey on By the Bi, as we sit down with Tristan Taormino, an acclaimed author, educator, speaker, and filmmaker. With her fearless approach to sexuality, relationships, and...
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    Jeannie's story is an absolutely beautiful one. She had what she felt was an "average" or "normal" sex life until she was in her mid-twenties and then she felt her libido shut down. It became really a...
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    Manifesting A Good Man With Alesha Reneé

    TV Personality Alesha Reneè Get Beducated and up your love life
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    Swinging Boundaries and Hidden Meanings in Music - A Listener's Q&A

    In this episode, we dive into the questions that you, our community from the Discord server, have been asking. How much kink wear is too much at a swingers club? What are the norms and etiquettes a...