Sarah + George: Round 2
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Sarah + George: Round 2

December 13, 2023

Sarah and George are back after more than two years! The first time they came on was on episode 169 under the pseudonyms Alice and Sam. But, never fear... You don't HAVE to go listen to that episode in order to get a ton out of this powerful conversation.

They've been living together for over seven years and their relationship was open from the beginning. Non-monogamy was new to George when Sarah introduced him to it on one of their first dates. Since then, the journey of non-monogamy has taken many forms over the years.

Today, they've arrived in a place where they're both exploring polyamory in their own way. This conversation digs into the really powerful work they have done to deepen their connection, while at the same time, fostering and supporting autonomy for one another. We absolutely love this conversation and hope you do as well.