50 Activities To Check Off Of Your Bucket List
50 Activities To Check Off Of Your Bucket List

Refreshing Your Intimate Adventure: 50 Ideas for Your Sensual Exploration

In long-term relationships, it's not uncommon for things to become routine and lose a bit of excitement. To help you reignite the spark and explore new layers of pleasure, we've created a challenging list of ideas for your sensual adventure. Whether you're looking to spice up your sex life or try something new, these suggestions will surely pique your interest. So, let's dive into this compilation of 100 ways to add some sizzle to your intimate experiences.

Why Should You Have a Sex Bucket List? Before we dive into the list, let's briefly discuss why and how having a sex bucket list can be beneficial. Introducing novelty into your sex life keeps your relationship fresh and exciting. It creates anticipation and longing between partners. Just make sure you're regularly checking in with your partner to make sure they're satisfied with the sex you've been having together, too.

  1. And, below are 50 nice things to tick off of your bucket list this summer:

    Explore the entire house

    Break free from the bedroom and find new places for intimate moments, whether it's the couch, kitchen table, or other creative spots. Ensure privacy by making sure the kids or roommates are not around.

  2. Relive teenage excitement: Recall the thrill of making out in a car by finding a parking spot and rekindling that nostalgic energy. If PDA isn't your thing, you can always opt for the privacy of your driveway.

  3. Read erotica together

    Set the mood by selecting steamy erotica and reading it aloud to each other. Embrace the potential awkwardness; laughter can lead to a deeper connection.

  4. Explore threesome fantasies

    Before considering a threesome, read stories and discuss ground rules with your partner to ensure a safe and consensual experience.

  5. Phone sex? Say YES

    Explore the seductive power of hearing your partner's voice, narrating their desires, and the naughty things they would do to you. Here's a guide to help you have phone sex comfortably.

  6. Porn is just another movie

    Choose adult content that arouses both of you, using it to enhance desire and create a shared experience. Check out female-friendly porn sites for some inspiration.

  7. Buttplay all-day

    Approach anal play slowly, with plenty of lubrication, and prioritize comfort and communication.

  8. Have you tried ALL types of lubricants?

    Discover the world of lubricants and their unique properties, such as natural, silicone-based, or CBD-infused varieties. Each type offers a different experience.

  9. We scream for ice cream

    A much tastier version of ice play: by using spoonfuls of ice cream to circle each other's erogenous zones, savoring the sensation and flavor.

  10. Dress up to get naked later

    Step into different roles to add excitement and variety. You can act as strangers who meet at a bar or pretend to be on a vacation romance. The possibilities are endless.

  11. Sexy board game

    Spice up your game night with a board game designed to ignite passion. You can find a variety of options online, such as those suggested by Women's Health.

  12. Get dirty in the shower

    Although shower sex requires some coordination, the reward is sure exhilarating. Start by getting steamy under the showerhead, then transition to the bedroom to continue the experience.

  13. ASMR sex

    ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) involves finding auditory or visual triggers that stimulate pleasure. Discover what works for you and your partner.

  14. Moan!

    As they say, the louder the vocal expression, the better the sex. Moaning can open up your throat, slow your breathing, and relax your pelvic floor muscles, leading to intense orgasms.

  15. Experiment with ice

    Include ice cubes to tease and stimulate your partner's body. The control and sensation add an extra layer of excitement.

  16. The art of dirty talk:

    Use explicit language and verbalize your desires to heighten arousal and passion. It may feel unfamiliar at first, but it can significantly enhance your sexual experience.

  17. Try webcam sex

    For partners in different locations or for a touch of excitement, have an intimate date via video chat, ending in mutual masturbation, or exploring each other's desires.

  18. The vibrating world

    Introduce sex toys like vibrators into your playtime for added stimulation and pleasure. Explore different options together and embrace anticipation as you wait for them to arrive.

  19. Early Halloween

    Step into playful roles with sexy costumes, adding a touch of novelty and fantasy to your intimate moments.

  20. A sexy scavenger hunt

    Create a personalized scavenger hunt within your home, with each clue leading to a sexy task. Create a list of intimate rewards as you navigate through the game.


    Add a playful element of light bondage to your intimate encounters with fluffy handcuffs, exploring new sensations and dynamics.

  22. Tasty condoms

    Combine protection and flavor to enhance the taste and pleasure of using condoms.

  23. Candles

    Experiment with dripping melted wax onto your partner's body, welcoming the sensations and the thrill of temperature play.

  24. Sexting 101

    Build anticipation by exchanging steamy messages and fantasies throughout the day, creating a buildup for your next encounter.

  25. Try blindfolding:

    Intensify sensory experiences by blindfolding your partner, heightening anticipation, and allowing for surprises.

  26. Choking and breath play

    If you're comfortable with it, explore light choking and breath play after making sure your partner is okay with it.

  27. Share your sexual fantasies

    Create an open and non-judgmental space to share your deepest desires and explore the possibilities together. Effective communication is vital.

  28. Celebrate with birthday sex

    Make your partner's special day memorable by adding an extra touch of intimacy and passion to your sexual encounter.

  29. Experiment with BDSM

    If you're curious about bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, or masochism, consider exploring BDSM in a safe and consensual manner. Familiarize yourself with the basics using a beginner's guide.

  30. Sex in every state

    Set a goal to make love while visiting each state in your country, turning your travels into a sensual adventure.

  31. Backyard intimacy

    Utilize your private backyard to create a romantic setting for intimate moments. Lay down a blanket or explore other creative options.

  32. Enjoy morning glory to the fullest

    Begin your day with passionate intimacy, rolling over and indulging in each other's desires.

  33. Build a fort in your living room

    Create a cozy fort in your living space, where you can retreat for intimate and playful moments.

  34. Tantric sex

    Explore the principles of tantric sex, deep breathing, connection, and delayed orgasm for heightened intimacy.

  35. Discover the world of anal plugs

    If you're curious about anal play, consider trying anal plugs for added stimulation and pleasure. Remember to start with smaller sizes and use ample lubrication.

  36. The versatility of dildos

    Expand your sexual repertoire with the use of dildos, of various shapes, and sizes to find what brings you the most pleasure.

  37. Sex by the fire

    Set a romantic ambiance by lighting a fire and indulging in passionate intimacy. Consider accompanying the experience with champagne and strawberries.

  38. Laundry day fun

    Enjoy the vibrations of a washing machine for added stimulation and excitement during intimate encounters.

  39. Indulge in whipped cream

    Heighten your senses by adding whipped cream to your intimate moments. Use it to draw designs on each other's bodies, relishing the pleasure of licking it off.

  40. Strip tease

    Entice your partner with a sensual lap dance, igniting their desire and leading to an intense connection.

  41. Craft a tantalizing sex playlist

    Curate a playlist of music that sets the mood and enhances your intimate moments. The right music can heighten arousal and passion.

  42. Recreate your favorite movie sex scene

    Draw inspiration from memorable movie sex scenes and bring them to life with your partner, embracing the passion and desire portrayed on screen.

  43. Recreate your favorite book sex scene

    Dive into the sensual world of literature and reenact a steamy scene from your favorite book, exploring the characters' desires and embracing your own.

  44. Recreate your favorite TV show sex scene

    Embrace the sensuality depicted in your favorite TV show by reenacting a passionate scene, letting the characters' desires inspire your own.

  45. Masturbate together

    Share the intimacy of self-pleasure by engaging in mutual masturbation. It can be a powerful way to learn more about each other's desires and techniques.

  46. Indulge in private pool intimacy

    If you have access to a private pool, create a romantic atmosphere and engage in passionate intimacy surrounded by the water's embrace.

  47. The classic "Netflix and chill"

    Set the stage with a steamy TV series or a movie, allowing the tension to build as you enjoy each other's company. See how long you can resist giving in to desire.

  48. Engage in clothed intimacy

    Challenge the norm by keeping some clothing on during your intimate moments. The anticipation of limited touch can intensify desire and pleasure.

  49. Explore the bathroom floor

    Extend your bathroom play beyond the shower and transition to the comfort of the floor for a memorable climax.

  50. Make love to the rhythm

    Sync your movements to the beat of the music, allowing the melody to guide your sensual dance and elevate the connection between you and your partner.