Why Being Loud Leads to Amazing Sex
Why Being Loud Leads to Amazing Sex

Why Being Loud Leads to Amazing Sex

Why Being Loud Leads to Amazing Sex

Have you ever wanted to know why porn stars during sex make a lot of noise? In some instances, all of that heavy breathing, shouting, moaning, even screaming and yelling? During sex, having the experience of satisfaction coupled with releasing noise can definitely lead to even wilder sex.

Some of the factors for why loud sex leads to better sex are:

It Shows You’re Loving It

There is meaning in your moaning and groaning. If your lover hits the right place, urge him to linger there by making your moans louder and more frequent once he reaches the sweet spot and should keep doing what he's doing. He's going to get the message.

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It Shows You’re Into Him

Your positive reaction to his efforts enables him to realize that you are active and feeling satisfied with him. Getting noisy in bed shows him you're engaging with him – relating on a significantly higher level. He'll get way more turned on when you're into it.

Express Your Pleasure

You're showing him through your volume that whatever he's doing is effective. You also reassure yourself that it's safe to let go and enjoy the experience at the same time, too. Granting yourself the freedom of sexual pleasure is a key factor in leading a sex-positive life.

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It Helps You Get In the Groove

During sex, deep breathing and moaning will unwind you, clear your mind, and help you breathe, which is really necessary for arousal. But it also allows you to find the pace that you need to set off your orgasm's triggers.

It Could Fulfill a Fantasy

Loud sex is exhibitionistic for some people, and there's the exhilaration of getting found or making it known you're having sex. Therefore, if you've been fantasizing about experimenting with exhibitionism but really don't want to have public sex, it may be a nice compromise.

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