How To Lead a Highly Sexual Lifestyle
How To Lead a Highly Sexual Lifestyle

How To Lead a Highly Sexual Lifestyle

How To Lead a Highly Sexual Lifestyle

Couples who actively engage in ongoing, higher-level sexual activity tend to maintain their health and well-being. While their relationship develops, they are also likely to discover ways to correlate greater intercourse and associated sexual activity with links to satisfaction.

There is a time and place for sexually charged couples to have sex regularly. These do seem to be more open-minded about their preferences and usually have fewer threats to their self-image. They may engage in certain lifestyle habits for certain couples (such as matters related to BDSM or "lifestyle/swinging") which allow them to continue to have elevated rates of sexual activity.

Here are two excellent ways of keeping a relationship full of affection and sex:

Try Touching More Often

Make an effort to give her around 10 minutes of an "intimacy massage" every day. It is essentially a treatment with "sensual contact" not resulting in sexual activity. Increasing love and attachment is very satisfying and tends to help couples to reinvigorate intimacy.

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To raise oxytocin levels and decrease tension, this is significantly important. Regular orgasms and physical touch increase the amount of oxytocin that supports the sense of intimacy and has many health benefits.

Make A Habit to Schedule Intimate Times

While life continues along, couples have less and less private time together, especially with kids and job difficulties. Sometimes, one partner will not know what the other person's signals are, and often one partner will want to start something with the other, but the other partner will be distracted or not in the mood.

An effective way to make things in the long-term more exciting and enjoyable is to plan on three activities. First, have a romantic night with you and your partner doing something you can do together and then becoming intimate. Then have a day for you. Now, how they choose to be, one person is just spoiled rotten. This could be anything from a 15-minute back rub for some, for others it could be erotic.

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