Adult Sex Games For Long-Distance Couples
Adult Sex Games For Long Distance Couples

Adult Sex Games For Long-Distance Couples

If you think sending a cheeky self-portrait is all there is to sexting, think again.

You can introduce much more steamy things over text when you're in a long-distance relationship or you don't spend as much time together as you'd like.

Roleplaying games and sex games can be transformed into digital formats.

Think of the classics like Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, and F**k, Marry, Kill.

With all sexual experiences, consent is paramount, so check in with your partner to ensure they're comfortable.

A good choice for couples who enjoy mystery is 20 Questions.

Play this game by picking a sex-related item and having your partner ask you yes-or-no questions until they guess what it is. 

In addition to sending each other sex toys, lovers can build a wish list of sex toys to introduce the next time they get together.

Sexy Truth Or Dare can also be done over text to exchange intimate truths with your partner and try new things even when they’re not with you in person. 

A favourite amongst long-term and long-distance couples is reminiscing on your favourite sex sessions or positions with each other. 

And to keep anticipation in the air, this can be levelled up by discussing sexual fantasies you want to live out the next time you see each other. 

Roleplay fans will be pleased to know that this can be done over text too.